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An atomic bomb explosion.
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Ceramic skull flower pots available at French Salade  €75.00

A nurse is looking for a vein on the hand of a premature baby.

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Segmental Anatomy of the Liver.
The liver is divided into 8 segments. These are delineated by the 3 hepatic veins, dividing the liver vertically into 4, and then through the horizontal plane for superior and inferior portions.
Posterior (caudal) segment [I]
Lateral segment (lateral superior area) [II]
Left anterior lateral segment (lateral inferior area [III]
Medial segment (medial superior area) [IVa]
Medial segment (medial inferior area) [IVb]
Anterior medial segment (anterior inferior area) [V]
Right anterior lateral segment (posterior inferior area) [VI]
Posterior lateral segment (posterior superior area) [VII]
Posterior medial segment (anterior superior area) [VIII]


real animal skull necklaces

Virginia the Wolf

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Female gang members in a police lineup, 1942.


I’m going to keep rebloging this until I GET IT DEEP INSIDE IN MY HEAD.

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